Insulated rail joints

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Cinel SpA manufactures insulated rail joints of any length, suitable for any type of rail profile and ready for installation.

They are composed of two rails of variable length, two reinforced fishplates, insulating bushing, and profiles. The coupling is realized with special glues and high-strength bolted connections.

The rail joints can be horizontal or inclined cut.

Insulated rail joints are used to purposefully interrupt the current flow in the rails in order to be able to form self-contained access fields which are necessary for the use of track release systems.

They are suitable for insertion into a long-welded rail.

All the insulated rail joints are tested to verify electric and resistance properties. Furthermore, according to a predetermined sampling, mechanical tests of dynamic bending stress and axial traction are carried out.

The horizontal cut rail joints can be realized also on site. For this kind of application, Cinel SpA supplies kit with the following components:

  • 2 reinforced fishplates
  • Insulated rail profile
  • 4 bushes
  • 2 insulated fishplate profile
  • 4 high-strength bolts
  • Special glue