Level Crossing

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Cinel SpA is RFI homologated supplier.

Level crossing setting device

The power-operated level crossing setting device TYPE CIN 09/2 is operated by an electric motor and, if necessary, also manually. It performs the function of movement, locking of the gate arm in the open or closed position and is equipped with electrical control of these positions.

  • It maintains all the characteristics of reliability and durability of the FS64 type electric setting device, eliminating the high maintenance rate that it presents.
  • It uses microswitch type contacts which replace the sliding type contacts present on the FS 64.
  • It allows to minimize the maintenance cost since, compared to the FS 64, all the components that require scheduled maintenance have been eliminated

Level crossing gate arms

Level crossing gate arms can be of different lengths. The standard sizes are 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, and 8m. Other sizes are possible on request.

Level crossing gate arms can be of the following types:

  • Traditional type consisting of a single piece with the internal structure of steel carpentry and aluminum cladding
  • Insulated type consisting of two mechanically linked elements with the interposition of an electrically insulating element, with the internal structure of steel carpentry and polycarbonate cladding

Aprons for level crossing

Aprons prevent people from passing when the level crossing poles are closed.

When the gate arms of the level crossing are in a vertical position, the aprons retract in order to minimize the sail effect in case of strong wind.