Manual setting device systems

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Turnouts can be manually or remotely operated using different types of point machines.

Manual setting device systems are mechanical equipment for on-site actuation by an operator. Cinel SpA designs and manufactures manual setting device systems suitable for any type of rail profile and gauge.

The most commonly used setting device of this type is the point machine FS1963 (macaco). A counterweight stabilizes the switch rail fitted up to its corresponding stock rail.

For special conditions of use, a manual flush point machine is available.

For manual-operated turnouts, Cinel SpA manufactures the following types of actuation and detection rods:

  • Actuation rods for loose-heel switch
  • Hook actuation rods for flange-relief switch
  • Actuation rods for manual-operated scotch blocks
  • Actuation rods designed according to special customer requirements

Cinel SpA is RFI homologated supplier.