Railway Turnouts

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Cinel SpA designs and produces turnout systems with any type of rail profile, gauge, and laying, with any fastening system, and with standard or special geometries. Turnouts are available to complete with both power-operated and manual point machines. Cinel SpA can provide many different technical solutions to upgrade the performance standards of the rail appliances:

  • turnout geometries purposely designed to optimize wheel-rail interaction
  • elastic switch rail obtained from special high inertia moment profiles, forged and flash butt welded to the rail
  • Manganese crossing with flash butt welded legs with high wear-resistance characteristics and the possibility of pre-hardening explosive treatments
  • lubrication-free slide chairs with or without rollers with inner stock rail elastic fastener
  • support systems for 33C1 check rail profile with elastic fasteners and possibility of wear adjustment and recovery
  • electromechanical point machine with actuation and detection rods for turnouts complete with fastening and insulating materials in hollow steel bearers